June 25, 2009

My Thomasian Life (UST)

This is from our Discussion Board in eleap and it's about our stay in the university, the University of Santo Tomas. Our post must be limited to 300 words and two paragraphs and that's what I made.

When I was in high school, I studied in a Dominican school, in Colegio de San Juan de Letran - Calamba, and since UST is also a Dominican school, I thought that it would be great for me to study here because I'm familiar on how Dominicans manage a school. My first two years here in UST was not consistent. I was in different sections every semester,as in every semester. For me it's a good thing because I met many new friends from different departments. I also experienced different teaching strategies of different professors. This enable me to adopt new study habits for quizzes and exams.

The first two years for me was also boring but when I became a third year student, I involved myself to different organizations. Up to now I am involved with ChES, I'm the current Membership Committee chair. I'm also involved with PIChE, I'm one of the Board of Representatives. I'm also the current ChE Commissioner for Engineering COMELEC. Since this is my last year here in UST, I thought that I have to create something good for myself, for the faculty and for the university. I am also happy that I chose ChE as my course because ChE people are so great and I am really proud to be one. :]

I have to say, I feel so great and blessed that I chose UST for my college life.In UST, I learned how to love and to hate, how to become a person and an individual, and to know many new things about myself. UST became a tool for me to become a better person and a beautiful individual. :]]


laizatot said...

gurl,,nattouch nmn ako sa mga posts nu...una ky patty den ung sau...ang sesenti nu..huhu...eniway...dito lng ako ready to listen qng gsto m mglbas ng sama ng loob about anything or wtever..hehe..la lng..ang drama nu.hehe.juk

joeward said...

iiihhh!i'm also always here for you laiza! :]