June 24, 2009

Ms. Jaja Chua

Jaja is like the most FIERCE friend I have next to me. Hahaha. I so envy this girl because like her, I also want to be a model. Basically, She got it!

Ever since we were in high school, we really love to pose in front of the camera. I'm so happy for her because I can say that she's now a real model. Yess!! :]

Pose, pose, pose and BAM, FIERCE!

I'm so proud of you girl!Love you!


laizatot said...


joeward said...

actually!inggit nga ako jan eh.haha

laizatot said...

haha...dibale, ur time will come..malay mo sa next life mo top model kn...un nga lngs next lyf pa..haha!!

joeward said...

wow ha!thanks sa support!
such a supportive friend.hahha