June 22, 2009

AH1N1 in UST Faculty of Eng'g


Classes in the ROQUE-RUANO BLDG. (Eng'g and ICS) will be suspended from June 22 to June 27 due to a confirmed case of AH1N1.

The Building will be under quarantine during the said duration.

All Activities will be Postponed & Eng'g students who have PE classes are advised to just stay home. No Eng'g Student will be allowed to enter the building until June 27, 2009.

Regular classes for Eng'g and ICS will resume on June 29, 2009(for those who have classes ony Monday) and June 30,2009 (for all Students).

There are also confirmed cases in the Faculty of Medicine and College of Nursing. This AH1N1 is now contaminating the university. One of my friends said that there are a total of 11 cases in the whole university. She told me that she heard it from the CSC. I don't know if it's true but the case in the Faculty of Eng'g is so for real!

Many of the students have the same reactions : "Ano ba yan?No allowance for a week!", "Yeay!No classes!". This is a serious matter. I hope we have to think not only for ourselves but for the whole community. We should pray for those who are infected and for all of us not to be infected by this bitchy virus. Waaaah!

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Patti Fierce said...

i like the word "bitchy virus"

Anonymous said...

whoa!? for real?! thanks for the info!! hope it wont spread in our college... Ü

joeward said...

@patty: it is really a bitchy virus!haha

@anonymous: for further info, visit the multiply acct of esc or csc. tingnan mo na lang sa link.

Anonymous said...

geez.. freshman pa man din ako.. takte nmn... isang linggong klase tapos wala kagad.. hahahaha..

**ask ko Lng.. pano ung PE ng monday?? papasok pa din ba ako?

joeward said...

@anynomous: magbibigay ng letter ang office sa IPEA para ma-excuse yung mg infected faculties and colleges. so yun.sana lang mawala na yang virus na yan.