May 7, 2009

Malaysian Fab Finds

Yesterday, me and my brothers, Jerald and Jasley, went to City Square. My borther Jerald knows how to go there alone so he was like my tourist guide. Hahah. It's a mall in Johor Bahru that is connected to the Singapore's Immigration. It is so big and they were on SALE so I bought some great items and I really LURVE them! Hahah.

1. Billabong Back Pack. Original Price: RM 110 Sale: RM 60
2. ONLY Jacket. Original Price: RM 95 Sale: 40
3. South Pole Polo Shirt. Original Price: RM 45 Sale: RM 20
The price were really awesome,it's like 50% discounted.

I also bought this wayfarer. It's only RM 9.99 and that's why I bought it! Haha.

Next stop will be Ukay-Ukay or the Samaritan Shop. Actually they call it Big Bundle here in Malaysia and I am so ready to raid it! :]]

By the way, I think RM 1 is equal to Php13 or roughly USD0.25 so just do your own Math. :]


Wilberchie said...

uwian mo naman ako ng biyaya!

laizatot said...

haha!! so todo shopping ka ng mga sales jan ah...hahaha!!!

joeward said...

wilma: cge cge.uuwian kita ng malaysian guy.chos!hahaha

laiza: hellow!you know naman me! eh.ndi naman ako makakabili ng ganyan kung ung original price yan eh.ahaha