May 7, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12 (UPDATE)

There were 5 of them, and now they're only 4! So they're still in Brazil of course!Hahaha. The challenge was to dance the Samba and the price was 7-thousand worth of jewels! WOW! Celia and Aminat were great in dancing the Samba but Celia won and she shared the price with Allison.

For their phot shoot, Tyra was their photographer. The theme was birds in the jungle and they had their nest! In the shoot, I think Allison and Aminat were so great. I'm loving Aminat right now. Hahaha.

Allison got the best photo while Teyona didn't expect that she'll be on the Top 3. Aminat and Celia were on the bottom two but it was Celia who was eliminated. I like Celia but Aminat's photo really stand out over her.

OMG!Next week will be the Finale. I think Teyona and Allison will be the Top 2!But let's see if Aminat can give some good photos. This will be great episode and that's for sure!


laizatot said...

sana c allison manalo!!! wah pero feeling ko si teyona...galing kasi eh...pero pwde ding c aminat...2tal ung nananalo naman sa antm e yung hindi gsto ng masa..haha

joeward said...

pro filing ko baka si allison pa manalo jan.haha.or si aminat.or si teyona.ay.haha