April 3, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12 (UPDATE)

9 girls remain and the competition is becoming more and more interesting. In this episode, the girls had a fight because of what happened last time in the panel. It was the issue between Celia and Tahlia but Aminat and Teyona made it more complicated by arguing with other girls who were out in the issue esp Allison and Natalie.

They had a challenge about facial expression and it was a funny challenge because their faces were put in huge photos of Tyra and they were asked to make a facial expression based on what they saw in the photo. It was Natalie who won the challenge.

The photo shoot was about facial expressions with designated color in their faces. It's like a photo shoot in cycle 10, the face paint.

Anya and Katarzyna from Cycle 10. They're my favorite in that Cycle but it was Whitney who won that Cycle. Anyways, whatever!Hahaha

The best photo was from Fo which is really a good one.

I also like the photos of Teyona, Tahlia, and Celia.

But because of what happened last time,Celia was on the bottom 2 with Sandra. Good thing it was Sandra who was eliminated. Her photo was the worst! Hehehe.

Want some cheesy smile? hahaha

I really don't know what's great about Aminat's photo but the judges really liked it. Allison's photo is not appealing for me as well. Same facial expression every week as the judges said.

Aminat and Allison

8 girls remain, who will be sent home on the next episode of ANTM Cycle 12? Let's find it out next week! See ya! :]


Wilberchie said...

baklerj! ang kilay nag best pic mo! Nakakalula! Love it! it's so bitch!

joeward said...

kaya nga sya naging best photo because of her killer eyebrows.haha