March 2, 2009


These are my 3-point agenda. I call it UniQuE.

I see it all here in this photo of us, SHIFT and CIRCLE Parties.

We are United, united by what we really want to happen, a better ChES.

Quality, quality service for each and every member of the Chem. Eng'g Society. If both Parties will win, for sure we will have a better quality service. But only one will win and I hope I also win. :]

Equality, we're all in this together. What year level, sexuality and positions we're running, we are all here to serve ChES!

I know that each candidates are ready to serve ChES and I know that we're all deserving. But only one will win and I hope that I'm one of the winners. Hehehe.
I'm really into this one. I want to serve ChES for the last year of my school life. :]

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