March 15, 2009

PIChE JCL Experience

This whole day, I experienced to be a part of Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers - Junior Chapter Luzon. I was a member of PIChE since I was 3rd year but I didn't experience any activities that they made. But today, Raech told me to come with her to go to a livelihood program that was produced by PIChE. At first, I was not enjoying it because I'm kind of shy because I don't know them personally but actually, they're really approachable. I like them. Hehehe. I enjoyed the Candle Making Livelihood Program that they organized in Brgy. UP Campus. I met lots of people especially the president of PIChE, kuya Jay. He's from UPLB and he's super nice and approachable, and funny. Hehehe. We assisted the moms on how to make candles and it's nice.

After that program, me and Raech went to Taytay, Rizal with Van and Marj, newly found friends. Hehehe. We had an ocular visit or view of the Club Manila East. PIChE will have a summer outing and it will be held at CME and we were assigned to go there to see the place. Van and Marj are nice. Van is from DLSU and Marj is from UPD. It's funny because both of them are connected to people I know. Van knows Kency and Marj knows Mae. Mae is my highschool classmate and it's nice because Marj knows her, and she said that they're classmates. Van and Marj are nice and I really like them. Hehehe.

After our ocular view, me and Raech went to the church to attend and listen to the mass. After that we ate dinner and we talked many things. I really like what happened this day. I met many new people and I also noticed one thing about ChE students, we're the most outgoing and the happiest people in all Eng'g departments. And yeah,I'm proud to be one! Wow! Hehehe.

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