March 12, 2009

Joeward, Forward.

"There's a reason for everything. You'll just know it when you're there why it really happened."

-Mama Phi (Ma'am Philipina Marcello)

Ma'am Philip, but I like calling her Mama Phi, is our teacher in Thermodynamics and IP. She's teaching for about 300 years now. Hahaha. Joke! I think if I'm not mistaken, she's teaching for about 10 years now and I really adore her. She's one of my favorite and closest teachers I have in my whole college life. I'm super at ease with her and I really like her words of wisdom in our class.

That quote up there is one of her lines today. She was telling the story about Steve Jobs and Bill
Gates who didn't finish their degrees but still, became rich, like rags to riches. Hehehe. Mama Phi is so so right. Actually, there are so many reasons for everything why it's happening. I know this line is really used for so so many times but with this line, I get hope and strength. There are so many things that are happening in my life right now and really piss me off and make me sad and depressed and stressed but whenever I think of this line, I just smile and go forward.

This past few weeks, there are some conflicts and issues that disturbed the gorgeous circulation of my life. I really mean gorgeous! Hahaha. This past few weeks, I'm becoming more and more "emo" or emotional. That line up there makes everything clear to me. Everything that's happening right now will make something that can make my life better and more gorgeous! Hahaha. Actually, I'm not like this, spending time for typing and releasing my emotions through blogs and all but actually I'm enjoying it. Hehehe. I know one of these days, all of my worries will be gone. Wow!Hahaha. And at the end of the day, I'm going to forward with all the butterflies and summer breeze outside. Hahaha.
Yeah I know!I'm so so gay! Hahaha

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