February 5, 2009

Project Runway Korea

Project Runway is really contagious,it's so contagious it reached Korea. The original PR which is from USA is really great and the garments the contestants create are really stunning and fierce. Then UK, Canada, Norway, Malaysia, Netherlands, Australia and of course the Philippines created a version of it. And now it's Korea's turn to have one. Project Runway Korea will be aired on Feb.7,2009. Koreans have a good taste in fashion so I think this show will be successful like in the other versions like in Australia and here in the Philippines. The versions that I've seen are Australia, Philippines and of course from USA and they're all great so I think Korea will also have a great version. By the way, Canada has it's 2nd season that aired on Jan.27,2009 and they said that PR Philippines and Australia will have Season 2 so watch for it. PR USA will also have it's Season 6 and I'm so excited about it.


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