February 5, 2009

Keith Bryce of PR Season 5

Keith Bryce Flickr

OMG!My balls are shaking right now! He's so hot! I don't know but I love him. Actually he reminds me of Hulk Hogan here but he's still hot for me. I love Keith Bryce, he designs and tailors so well but in the Car Parts challenge, he didn't make it and he was eliminated. I love the part where he cried in the last part of the show where they interviewed Keith. I don't know but I like guys who are bad boy look but can release their emotions and cry. I hope there's a Keith Bryce that will make me happy. WOW!


Wilberchie said...

Mas gusto ko si Wesley

joeward said...

hindi naman marunong si wesley eh.ay.haha.eliminated agad.
boyfriend nya si daniel.hehe