February 16, 2009


We had a "field trip" at DOST in Bicutan, Taguig City this morning. That field trip was the worst field trip of all I experienced. It was exhausting, it was boring and I was not interested to what our guides discussed. It was all about metal. But the first part was fun because of our guide. She's a graduate of UST and also a Chem. engineer. She's like the funniest guide. Hahaha.

The Mrs. in white shirt was our guide and look at her, isn't she funny?haha

Actually, I thought we went there just to take photos of us!

with rabbie,patty, albert, rose ann, wilbert & stef

The place was so hot and all of the work there are HARDCORE engineering and I can't take it!

I hope my job will not be like in that place or like what they do. Uhhh!

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