March 14, 2012

Puesto del Sol

Apes, Pauly, Sarina and I had an amazing experience in Calatagan, Batangas 
last weekend at Puesto del Sol. I admit, I didn't know anything about this place. 
I thought it's a beach resort but it's not, it's a private villa on top of a hill. 
Actually there are 2 villas and they're constructing a new villa.
So Puesto del Sol is a group of private villas, on top of a hill. Hehehe.

Anyway, the place is super gorgeous and the view is breathtaking. 
And that infinity pool, WINNER!!!
We super loved and enjoyed it. :] 

 This is our villa, the design is so Santorini-ish. 
It's so relaxing and so comfy inside the room.
And the bathroom, it has this modern design that I really like.
I would actually want to have that bathroom in our house.

Ganda talaga netong infinity pool.
I wanna have one! 

I actually searched for the meaning of Puesto del Sol,
well it means a place where sun rises or sets.

 It's the best name for this resort. You'll really see the best sunset on EARTH in this palce!!!
This view blown us away. Ganda diba?! So serene.

Of course we didn't forget to visit and experience the beach.

Temptation Island, BET?! :]

There's a starfish on my hands. :]
It was low tide when we went there so we didn't have a chance to have a splash but it's fine,
 we've seen a lot of starfish having a good time under the sun. 

Sobrang love ko yung infinity pool, dami kong eksena dun. 


Bet?! Ehehe.

Our experience in Puesto del Sol was really amazing.
It's the best place to spend a summer getaway or if you want to escape
the busy life in the city. In Puesto del Sol, I'm sure you will be relaxed
and you'll appreciate the beauty of nature.

Before we went home, we had a chance to talk to the owner himself, Mr. Rafael Calero.
He's a nice guy and also talented. Ate Jen (the caretaker) told us that 
e himself designed the bathroom. BONGGA!

He told us that they're planning to make more villas 
and they'll be having a grand launch of the resort.
We are so looking forward to experiencing that grand opening, Mr. Calero! :]


April Ocampo said...

I LIKE! :) we're going back to that resort! definitely~

anney said...

Hi! Ask ko lang..iba ba yung lap pool nila sa infinity pool o isa lang yun? Nung kumuha kasi ako ng deal last year ang meron lang sila e yung jacuzzi. Bale ilan ba ang pool nila? Thanks!