February 21, 2012

My Puerto Galera Experience

What do you think with my Katy Perry-ish blue hair?! Hahah

I was in Puerto Galera with my office-friends for three days, from Feb 18-20. 
To be honest, at first I was not really thrilled about the idea of going 
to Puerto Galera because I heard a lot of bad comments about the place, 
like it's dirty, the place is overcrowded and boys in Galera are not as hot as in Boracay. 
Well, I was so wrong! Chismis lang yun, except for it's overcrowded. Ehehe.
 Puerto Galera is a nice place, but I have to admit, Boracay is wonderful. 
Mas maganda talaga ang Boracay but Puerto Galera is not bad. 
Well yung boys, mas maraming hot sa Boracay pero marami rin naman sa Galera, 
PROMISE!!! Hahaha. 

bonggang nomohan!!! :]

Anyway, going back to the experience, activities in Galera are same as in Boracay, 
except for the price. It's cheaper in Galera. Tsaka yung snorkeling, 
I would say I saw more corals and sea creatures in Galera than in Bora. 
Naloka ako sa mga giant clam shells, sea turtle and those corals are amazing! 
I was like in Animal Planet channel or something. Hahaha. 
And I discovered that I know how to play volleyball. :]

 And we tasted a delicacy that you can only find in Puerto Galera.
They call it "Halo-Halo"! Hahahaha. Ayun o, sa gilid! :]

 Inside the underwater cave, actually hindi ako sure kung yun nga tawag sa kanya.
Pero we had fun inside that cave!! Hahaha

PAK!!! Emote kung emote!!! 

 PROMISE! Masaya sa loob ng cave na yan! :]

O diba!? Ang galing ko mag-volleyball. Hahaha

BONGGA sa Puerto Galera! Our experience was amazing!!!
I will definitely go back to that awesome place . :]

Thank you so much TL Neil Navarro for all the gorgeous photos and for the video! :] 


carizzachua said...

love the pics ang gandaaa :)

chismisong bebe said...

Ang gaganda dyan ha! Inggit ako! :P