December 17, 2011

MEGA Young Designers Competition 2012 Finalists

 As the challenges in MEGA’s Young Designers
Competition 2012 begin, let’s take a look on each of the designers 
will battle for their mark in the industry.
Dino Bancoro recently started as a fashion designer sharing that the pieces he presented
during the audition were his first ever creations. Through YDC, he hopes to learn more on
pattern making and sewing since he has yet to formally study fashion design. He admits
that he still needs polishing but is proud to say that he has the vision and creativity that
would amaze people.
Dino Bancoro

Ann Lorio is an industrial engineer from Cavite who wanted to shift to fashion design.
Despite her parents’ initial doubts on her dream, she travelled to Manila and worked to buy
a sewing machine. After seeing her passion, her parents eventually showed support to her.
With her background in engineering, Ann attacks a design starting with the structure. As a
YDC contestant, she wants to learn and make her mark as a designer.
Ann Lorio

Ched Dalogaog is a fashion instructor at one of the top fashion schools in Manila. He tells
a story with his creations, incorporating pop culture and considering the modern women
who will wear them. He believes his edge is his understanding of color, textures and fabrics
that other designers take for granted. By joining YDC, he hopes to establish a brand that he
can introduce to MEGA, hoping to also be acknowledged in the industry.
Ched Dalogaog

Corleen Duero specializes in constructing basics but still adding a touch of style. Hailing all
the way from Surigao, Corleen is proud to represent the south and hopes to be a designer
who can bridge fashion and design from Manila to Mindanao. He admires Issey Miyake,
always remembering the quote of the designer, “These clothes are no wrappings, you can
understand them the way you want, you can wear them the way you want.”
Corleen Duero

Cristian Mallabo believes that God has a purpose why he’s alive and in the competition.
His mother attempted to abort him but he survived. For as long as he can remember, he’s
had a passion for clothes. He was motivated when friends and family started to ask him to
create party clothes for them. He wants to be known as a designer who can brave through
any challenge and hopes to win in order to give back to his aunt and sisters.
Christian Mallabo

Erica Panlilio hopes to dress up Katy Perry because of her fun playful personality. She
started looking up and imbibing the stylish attitude of her grandmother when she was
young. During the go-see, she had a major setback because the judges thought that she
had a styling problem. Still, she was chosen to be one of the finalists and she believes that
through YDC, she can grow and become a top designer.
Enrica Panlilo

Geoffrey Zordilla has always wanted to study fashion design. Initially, he had to struggle
with his parents’ disbelief. Still, he pursued his dreams and is currently a fashion design
student. He is enthusiastic to experience YDC’s challenges and to learn how to mingle
with fellow designers. Nature inspires him, feeling relaxed and comfortable in its serene
Geoffrey Zordilla

Hazel Cargado is a registered nurse. However, after graduating and passing the board,
Hazel felt lost. Eventually, she decided to go back to what she really wanted. After finding a
fashion design school in Manila, she quickly grabbed the opportunity to learn. Through
YDC, she hopes to find her personal directions in design.
Hazel Cargado

Ismael Palma tried his luck during the auditions for the first season of Gen M: YDC but did
not make the cut. At that time, he still did not know how to sew so he took his failure as an
opportunity to improve. He decided to learn more about sewing and developing his
designs. He was accepted this year and shares that whatever the judges say, he will keep in
mind and apply.
Ismael Palma

Kirby Cruz wants to represent his feelings through his designs. His goal is to have an
identity that makes his pieces unique. As a fresh fashion graduate, he feels the need for
the right exposure and he believes YDC is the best venue for him. He loves the design of
Hussein Chalayan and Alexander McQueen since Kirby is fascinated where these designers
find their concepts and ideas.
Kirby Cruz

Mara Chua has a motto that anything and everything can be inspiring. He believes that to
be successful, talent is not enough. He sharpened his technical skills in pattern making and
learned sewing through a seamstress who made his clothes. He cites Rei Kawakubo and
Bjork as inspirations that allowed him to expand his horizons and stretch his aesthetic.
Mara Chua

Mary Ty is inspired by YDC alumna Furne One, hoping to be as successful as him. Mary
has never joined a fashion competition because of her fear of rejection. She tried her luck
by joining Philippine Fashion Week but did not succeed. Edwin Ao, another YDC alumna,
urged her to join the upcoming YDC. Her quirky comments amused the judges and are sure
to liven the intense challenges for the YDC hopefuls.
Mary Ty

Nikita Agatha boasts of being able to do anything from scratch. She picked up her flair for
fashion from her grandmother and mom who loved dressing her up when she was little.
She considers Sari Yap, editor in chief of MEGA Magazine, as the judge to please, urging
Nikita to carefully think of her designs. She cites Alexander McQueen as her idol for his out
of this world construction of outfits that women can wear.
Nikita Agatha

Oz Go’s designs dwell on futuristic and experimental looks. At a young age, he discovered
his affinity for fashion when he became obsessed with drawing her mother’s wedding
gown. He took a course in fashion design and eventually mounted a show during Philippine
Fashion Week. Being the younger brother of singer Rachelle Ann Go, he is proud to mention
that they still share the same room and creates outfits for her to wear.
Oz Go

Porfi Medina thinks of fashion more as a form of activism and advocacy. When he was in
elementary, Porfi’s grandmother opened a dress shop. At that tender age, he would observe
the fabrics and sewing, starting his dream to become a fashion designer. He views his
craft as a form of expression, translating social issues and its relevance into ensembles. He
wishes to convey a message on pressing issues in society with every design he makes.
Profi Medina

Ram Silva designs for a cause. He intends to help the dying weaving community in Panay
and Iloilo. During the go-see, judges were surprised with his mix of native materials to
create a modern look. He keeps in mind the advice of Sari Yap, EIC of MEGA magazine, that
what other designers learn outside in six months to a year, they can experience and learn in
YDC in two months.
Ram Silva

Renan Pacson simply wants to make his family proud. He initially took up Hotel and
Restaurant Management but eventually found his calling in fashion. He studied Clothing
Technology and was lucky to have the support of his parents. Luckily, he was accepted not
based on his audition pieces, but based on how he packaged himself. His biggest challenge
is to find his signature aesthetic and intends to find this in YDC.
Renan Pacson

Robin Gundran is the youngest member of this year’s competition. At 18 years old, he
showed his creations and wowed the judges during the go-see. He received negative
remarks from a lot of people who did not believe in his passion. However, he turned this
into his motivation. He knows that with perseverance, he can show his detractors that he
can get past them, and achieve fame and success.
Robin Gundran

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