November 27, 2011

MEG Up & Coming Party Series: Fashion Bloggers Night

So at long last, I had a chance to attend one of MEG's Up & Coming parties. 
3 parties yung na-missed ko! Kalokaaaaa!!! Hahahha. 
I attended the last leg of Meg's party series.  

It was on Nov 25th at KYSS. First time ko mag-KYSS, 
it is nice but it's kinda small, I think. 
Or it looked small bec we were crowded?! 
A lot of people attended the party, in freshness!

siksikan?! ehehe

 Anyway, I was not really prepared that night. 
Pasyown na pasyown pa naman mga tao. Ehehehe.
Just wore a thrifted cardigan, F&H skinny jeans and 
F21 booties.


I went there, alone. Hahaha. I know nakakatawa pero 
I really wanted to go there and parttteeeey! 
So yun nga, keber kung mag-isa. Hahaha. 
I was so happy bec I met some bloggers. 
Well, it was a BLOGGERS NIGHT after all.

But I was with Wyatt "Y" and Tao the whole night.
Newly found friends. O diba?! Ehehehe.

with Wyatt "Y" of

with Tao and Y

With Tao and Y, newly found party friends. Hahaha.
It was a wonderful night, esp for Y bec she won 
something that night from a raffle. Congrats Y!!!

That party was a blast! I saw people's faces that night and 
they were all smiling and drunk! Hahaha. Well, drinks were overflowing and 
the party music at Kyss was great! Kaindak-indak!!!
Sayang lang hindi ako nakapunta dun sa ibang MEG party.
And I would like to thank Kris Andres of MEGA magazine 
for religiously sending party invites to my email. :]


carizzachua said...

hello! you went to the last party din pala. i went to university it girls and fashion bloggers. both are really great. missed the first two though. love your thrifted cardiagn btw, really nice!!!

Wy of said...

HI Joey! Thank you for posting this! It was really nice meeting you. Keep in touch ha ;) -Wy