September 22, 2011


After bringing high fashion to the streets of Manila, the remaining Mega Fashion Crew
contestants are faced with the hypnotic – and sometimes dangerous – challenge of

This week, challengers will bring an expression of seduction. Teams will create a stylish
look that mirrors the original temptress herself, Eve. Hold on to your senses and be
allured with the most exotic episode of this season.

Temptation being personified

But how do you pull off a high fashion shoot without clothes? Think Eve and what else
was with her in the Garden of Eden? This episode proves juicier than the bite on an
apple. Sexiness will be brought to life with another round of surprises.

Prepping to be Eve

With the tantalizing Ms. Tessa Prieto Valdes as a guest judge, viewers will see her take
on this sinfully delightful challenge.

Still, it’s not going to be a paradise of dreams for the teams. Some challengers will be
eliminated as we inch closer to the grand finale of the show. With only 20 contenders left,
only the strongest can survive the strong seduction of failure.

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