July 29, 2011

DIY: Shirt to Tank Top

This DIY is inspired by my friend Paul Canlas (btw, visit his blog http://clarencepaulcanlas.blogspot.com), the best photographer in town. He's always doing this for his wifey, April, who's one of my gurlies. Anyway, this is the easiest and the most fun DIY I did. Hahaha. You just need a shirt (old or new) and a pair of good scissors.

P1000529 P1000528

And the results...
P1000533 P1000535

Oh diba?! Instant tank top! I had fun doing it. Actually I bought 3 more shirts to cut. AY!!! Hahahaha. I haven't tried them yet but tomorrow I'll sure do. SHET! I'm kinda excited for tomorrow! Anyway, try nyo sya. Pero syempre, I'm not gonna wear them as tank tops lang. I mean, I'll wear jacket or blazers.

BTW, I got an email from Ms. Anna Cecilia Valera of Clozette.co, a Singaporean-based fashion social network. You have to visit this site. It's really nice bec you'll see a lot of fab/fashown things and you can post your coolest stuffs and fashown outfits. I actually created an account. Just  You should visit it and browse and try it. :]

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STARR said...

yes! The classic summertime diy :)