July 4, 2011


I was strolling in a mall when I passed by Jellybean and saw these wedges. I rarely see wedges in a store except for Forever21 or Topshop, I'm talking abt closed wedges ah. Anyway, mejo hesistant pa ako if I'll check it or not because of the color, it's electric blue, like really electrifying! Pero syempre, since it's a pair of wedges, hindi ako nakatiis. I asked the saleslady and I was shocked with the price. They were on sale and I got a 50%discount. Nalerkey ako and I bought it immediately.
Nice no?! :]


inkarlcerating said...

nakakainis e sold out na yan e i want!!!

JoewardM said...

ah talaga?! sabagay maganda naman kasi sya, infer. hehehe