October 28, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011 Day One

blazer: Space/tank top: Forever 21/leggings: Robinson's/shoes:Forever 21


So its Philippine Fashion Week again! But now, the collections are for Spring Summer 2011. And for this season, Pond's opened the fashion week with four of the most talented evening dress makers in the country: Dennis Lustico, JC Buendia, Jun Escario and Rajo Laurel. But before the show started, students from SoFA (School of Fashion and the Arts) approached me and they gave me a commendation with my blazer and my shoes. Syempre, they took a photo of me. And syempre, nag-feeling naman ang lola nyo! Hahahaha. Well they were so nice and so friendly.

Sorry, the photo is so blurred. Si kuya kasi eh! Hahaha. Hope to see you guys again the whole week.

Pond's is the first sponsor for the first day of fashion week. There was a piano in the middle of that crowd. I don't know who was the singer but he's good in all fairness! Hantoroy diba?! May nagpi-piano pa sa gitna!

DSC01291 DSC01292

By the way, the theme of this show was GOLD! Obvious ba?! Ehehe.

Dennis Lustico

DSC01293 DSC01298

JC Buendia

DSC01303 DSC01304

Jun Escario

DSC01311 DSC01312

Rajo Laurel

DSC01321 DSC01325


After that show, I felt so hungry! So I went to Starbucks to eat my favorite Sausage Roll with Chocolate Cream Chip. Supper Yummy!

I am so looking forward to attending many shows! What's the next show, by the way?! Ehehe



delicious sneak and cool blazer and party!!!

KD faustino said...

cute cardigan!