October 22, 2010

Nicki Minaj's Harem Pants on Late Show with David Letterman

Have you seen the video of Nicki Minaj and Will.i.am's performance on Late Show with David Letterman? OK! If not, try to watch it first.

Whatchuthink?! I super liked it!I liked it because I like the song, it makes me wanna dance and I like Nicki's harem pants. Her pants really caught my attention, swear!

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But where can I find this kind of pants? Hmmm. I think I saw one in DV! Basta! I have to have it.

And oh! I also liked her facial expressions in this performance.

4 5

PAK!!! Super perform ang lola Nicki Minaj ko! I super love her! :]


Alan Li said...

I love the pants she's wearing

Grace said...

I want those pants!

Love Grace.

STARR said...

A little scary for me lol

Katy said...

Hi Joeward:) yes her harem pants totally caught my eyes too! But i dont like it, it make her look so big. I love her hairstyle:) She's the next Barbie girl:)

jamaica_hollis said...

OMG she looks scary, she's going to give me nightmares.