June 26, 2010

DIY: T-Shirt's Sleeves Cropping

I was seeing these cropped sleeves for a long time now and I was wondering if I'll try it,and I did. I bought a shirt in a thrift shop, that "hysteric glamour and a girl in the middle" print really caught my attention. And guess how much this shirt is! It's only 25 pesos (1 USD= 46 pesos)!Insane, right?! SUPER!
So this is the "BEFORE". The shirt was quite big for me so it was really good to cut those sleeves off.
And this is the "AFTER".
I kinda like the effect of it. The cropped sleeves gave the shirt a punky twist.
I'll be doing DIY stuffs. I'm planning those armored shoulders. Hope I can achieve that.


Ninjagaiden78 said...

I like your T-Shirt. May I buy one?


joeward said...

i don't sell shirts.i just thrifted it. btw, tnx for dropping by. :]