May 30, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 Day 2 (Bang Pineda & Tina Daniac)

Bang Pineda and Tina Daniac's collection were superb!

Bang Pineda's Holiday 2010 collection was not the usual Bang Pineda which is colorful. Last night was different, it was a matured and a powerful men's wear collection. It was like we were watching an action film of Sean Connery, a suave and sophisticated agent. And he is really good in men's wear! He really knows how to clothe men gorgeously.
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And that Bang Bang Bag was a hit! BONGGA!

Tina Daniac's on the other hand had two different collections. The first collection was so glamorous and so sophisticated. I really liked those short shimmering dresses. And her collection had a variation. It was fun yet it had this glamor vibe of an urban lady.

30604_1431944951186_1009765267_31285122_4147513_n 30604_1431944711180_1009765267_31285118_5480758_n 30604_1431943871159_1009765267_31285100_4734279_n 30604_1431943671154_1009765267_31285096_6924163_n 30604_1431946191217_1009765267_31285149_8137394_n 30604_1431930230818_1009765267_31284992_6967322_n
30604_1431946591227_1009765267_31285156_1328156_n 30604_1431931830858_1009765267_31285027_2365984_n

Her second collection was another story. There were full of heavy textures,so haute couture. She presented it in a powerful and a massive way. She presented two different collections of what fashion is all about.But I liked the first collection more than the second.

30604_1431931390847_1009765267_31285017_559450_n 30604_1431931070839_1009765267_31285010_3513473_n 30604_1431931110840_1009765267_31285011_3007533_n 30604_1431931710855_1009765267_31285025_7265749_n 30604_1431931550851_1009765267_31285021_1590810_n 30604_1431931510850_1009765267_31285020_296902_n
You better WERQ!
Photos by Krisz Viola

I super enjoyed both collections! That was a combo of two great Filipino designers. Kudos to Mr. Bang Pineda and Ms. Tina Daniac. Both of you made us SMILE, big time! :]

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