May 27, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 (Visions and Trends) Favorites

May 26,2010 at SMX Convention Center/SM MOA
Saw some familiar faces in the showbiz and fashion industry. I have to admit, after seeing Raymond Guitierrez, I became a fan.

Anyway,here are some of my favorite collections:
Don Protasio- I love the color, the undying classic hot red,turned into a rock chic!
donp1 donprot donp

Happy Andrada- Her "Flights of Fancy" collection, which is inspired by classic aviators and Amelia Earheart,was really fantastic. It was gorge and so sophisticated!!!
happya happya1

Harley Ruedas- I love the prints of his collection. He used some of the famous personalities in our country,both in showbiz and in politics. That white long gown was a hit. It has faces of Noynoy Aquino to Manny Villar and those who ran for presidency.
harley3 harley2 harley1

Jan Garcia- My most favorite of all. The one who gave us "PASABOG"!
jangarcia jang

Bongga ang start ng Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010! :]

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