January 23, 2010

Project Runway USA 7 Episode 2

Make that potato sack WERQ! I am loving this challenge. I have to say, in this challenge, many garments were so gorgeous.These are some that I really liked.

And the 2 dresses that I really liked because in a gazillion years, I never thought these were made from potato sack. GORGEOUSES!

And that black one that was made by Jay was the winner of that challenge. And the red micro mini red dress was made by William.

I actually don't know why Ping's dress was in and Pamela was out.

Ping's dress was the 1st one and the eliminated design was that blue dress by Pamela.

I am loving this season's designers. They really know how to sew and to design.

photos are from MyLifeTime.com/ProjectRunway

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