December 28, 2009

UST Paskuhan 2009

Countdown to 2011 4 Hours, 4 Days, 400 Days, 400 Years
Countdown. Count Me In

I actually enjoyed that Paskuhan. That was my last Paskuhan, hopefully, and that's why I decided to attend even though we will have our last quiz the next day.From 7pm to 10pm, I was with Donn, Ali and Sherwin (Ali's boyfriend).

And yeah!For 5 years, this is my first time to have a photo with that gigantic christmas tree. Hahaha.

After 10pm, Donn, Ali and Sherwin went home. Good thing the boys were there and I was with them until the celebration ends.

except with Rudolph who has a peace sign up in his head. Hahaha.

The night was so fun. 6CycleMind and Sandwich was there. And I really enjoyed 6CycleMind. What really amazed me that night was the confetti and the fireworks. I really liked that confetti thing.

I really loved it!

Before the night ended, I gave my gift to Mau, who was my "monita", and my ME friends.

But I didn't get my gift. The one who got my name was not there. I just hope he'll give it to me when classes resume. Hahahaha

I really had fun that night and I know every Thomasian who came that night enjoyed it. Nice one UST. Happy 400th Year UST! :]

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