December 14, 2009

Going to CEBU!

Almost a week, I had no posts, it's because I was in Cebu. We had our "December Trip". That was from Dec. 8-11, 2009. There were 2 flights,a 4:30am and a 5:30am flight. We were there at 2:30am, in the morning! And I was in the 2nd flight. Nice, right?! UHHH

Waiting for the next flight. Uhhhh!

We had our breakfast/midnight snack at Jollibee. Hahaha

The 2nd flight people. We checked in at 4:20 am, I guess.

Another thing, FVR, the ex-president of the Philippines, was in the same plane with us.

There was actually an incident that happened before that nice picture taking was done. Hahahah. I will not elaborate that because it was not nice for the side of FVR. Hahahah. But he was so funny, in all fairness to him. Hahaha.

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