December 15, 2009

CEBU: 2nd Day

I actually can't remember what happened on our 2nd day in Cebu. Hahahaha.

Oh! We went to the municipal hall to visit the Mayor of Cebu. But unfortunately, he was not there. He was in Manila at that time. Nice,right?! Uhhh! Instead of mayor,one of his bodyguards,actually I can't remember who was that guy, was the one who gave us a talk about Cebu.


After that visit, we went to the Crown Regency Towers.

And we experienced the Sky Experience. I think, for me, that was the real highlight of our trip. Errr.

And I got 2 certificates. hahahaha
I survived the Edge Coaster and the Skywalk Extreme. That was a real FUN!
I'll post our photos in that Skywalk Extreme. I have to say, that experience really gave me chills!

Dun lang ako nag-enjoy! Hahahaha

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