October 6, 2009

PBB Double Up: The Magical Reveal

Pinoy Big Brother house is once again open! This time, it is called PBB Double Up and last Oct. 4 was the opening and the TV premier. It was called "The Magical Reveal" but I thought it was not so magical. Oooops. Instead it was circus-ish. Ay. Hahaha. Sorry, but I was not expecting that one. Unlike the previous PBB opening nights that were so lively and many people were present to see the new housemates, that one was not so great. The outfits of the host, Mariel, Toni and Bianca, were not that so magical as well. Sorry! Hahaha. I didn't see the magic at all. Anyway, I was still excited to see the new housemates.

So, there were 14 housemates and the 1st of them that was introduced really caught my attention. His name was Tom, the "romantic STUD" of Samar. Hahahahaha.

Look o, he's really a STUD! Hahaha.

The other housemates were OK but what I noticed with the girl housemates, most of them are single moms. Anyway, when a guy named Toffi came out, one of the reasons why it is called Double Up was revealed. He has a twin brother named Kenny and both of them will be inside the house. After them, another pair of twins were revealed, and they are way hotter, JP and JM. And yeah, I like them. Hahahaha

JP and JM

Another reason why Double Up is that there are 2 houses. And the twins had their first task, to make sure that the other housemates should not notice that there are actually 2 houses and there are twins with them. If they failed, they will have a forced eviction. A "welcome" task for them. Nice Big Brother!

And for the design of the houses... Eeeeekkk! Ay, Hahaha. I didn't like it, both houses have these ridiculous wall designs. Hahaha. Ay. Hahaha. Sorry! I just didn't like it. But the houses are big and yeah, they are big. But then again, it's PBB, the epitome of reality show in the Philippines and it's the DRAMA that I'm looking forward to see. I hope these housemates will bring that DRAMA we want like what previous PBB seasons did.

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