October 2, 2009

ANTM Cycle 13 (UPDATE)

So for this episode, we only have 10 girls remaining. They had a challenge from Cover Girl, where they have to race and do their own styling and make-up. Sundai won that challenge and she got a $1,000 gift from CoverGirl and her picture will be in Wal-Mart's website.

Their photo shoot was about modeling scarves which was taken by Tyra. The best photo will have the immunity for the next episode and Britanny got it!

I actually like Laura or Nicole to win that photo shoot.

And Bianca was eliminated.

She was with Ashley in the bottom two. Actually, Bianca really had the worst photo in this episode, so I agree with the judges. But I like her last photo, the Make Me Tall episode.

We only have 9 girls left, who will be eliminated next?I think it will be Ashley or Kara. We'll see. :]

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