September 29, 2009

ANTM Cycle 13 (UPDATE)

I know,this UPDATE is so so late. Hahahaa. This UPDATE is from Episode 1-3. I'll just post the winning photos, losing photo, and the photos I really like. :]

Oh, Episode 1 is like the pilot episode so I'll just go to the photo shoot.So, the girls' first photo shoot was about their childhood (photos) outfits, making it modern in photos. The first name that was called was Rae and I super love this photo of her.

I was so mesmerized by this photo,actually.

I also liked Laura's and Ashley's photos.

The losing photo and the first girl that was eliminated was Lisa.

I think she was voted out because the judges didn't feel her dedication in the competition. And look at her photo, she's like an angry bull, to think that she's portraying a clown. Errr.

Sundai's photo was also not great. What a pose?!eeekkk

Episode 2 was about horse! I just don't get this photo shoot. In short, I didn't like it. Hahaha.
It was Erin's photo who was called first.

I also adore Lulu's and Ashley's photos.

Courtney was eliminated,because she gave up. Sad thing, she's one of my favorites.

I super love Episode 3,it's like the reversed of Episode 2. This shoot was about lengthening and the photos were so fierce! Kara had the best photo for the judges.

I also love,as in LOVE, Rae's, Bianca's and Erin's photos.

After all, a girl was still eliminated, and that was Lulu. She was also one of my favorites, BEFORE. But because of her attitude, I wanted her to be out, and she was out! Hahaha.

I must say, I like her dress in that photo. :]

Oh well, episode 4 will be there. 10 girls left, who will be the next to be eliminated?! Wow! Hahaha.

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