August 22, 2009

PRP Season2 (UPDATE)

12 designers left and the next challenge was to create a collection based from a movie that they really like. The leaders were drawn from the bag and they were Santi, Hanz, Cherry and Jas. The group that I thought will create a not-so-good collection was Cherry's, because he had PAU and Tracy. Hahahaa. Ooopps. Hahahahah. I just don't like PAU. Anyway, Cherry's group chose Chicago, Dream Girls to Santi's, Lord of the Ring to Jas and Titanic to Hanz.

I really liked was Santi's collection but it was Jas' who won. Anyway, I loved Russel's dress. Santi's flowy dress was also chic as well as Richie's. And the worst dress of all, PAU! Hahahah. And because of that, he was eliminated. Hahahhaa. Bye GORGEOUS! Hahahaah. Oh by the waym it was Jas who won the immunity.

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