August 15, 2009

PRP Seaon 2 (UPDATE)

I don't know if Santi was in the bottom 3 or top 3 last time but all I know is that he was our dance instructor in our JS Prom dance way way back in high school. Hahahah.

Anyway, I didn't know he knows how to sew clothes. All I know is that he's good in stretching! Hahahaha. Goodluck Santi!

By the way, Hazel of Pasig was the first one to be eliminated. I thought it was Richie that will be eliminated because as Rajo said, his garment was so 2004. Anyway, it was Hazel who was voted out by the judges.

After the 1st episode, the one that I liked is Patrick Galang of San Pedro, Laguna.

Again,like what Rajo said (it's not that Rajo is the only judge I like but his comments are reliable.haha), his taste of sophistication is so high and awesome. Actually, his garment was the most innovative and the most stylish though it's all black. And the bolero jacket that he made was divine.

And the one that I really don't like is Pau. He's such a DRAMA "queen"! Eeeewww. Hindi naman kagandahan. Hahahaha

All in all, the pilot episode was great. I enjoyed watching it. :] I am so excited to see the next episode.

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Wilberchie said...

korek! Echuserang bakla! Madali pala syang malaseng eh bat inubos nya yung wine! Gaga pla sya eh!