July 17, 2009

The Thing of the Day: Master-Piece Coile Toto

From now on, there will be "The Thing of the Day" portion in my blog. In this portion, I will post something that I really want to have.

So for this day, I really want to have this tote from Oki-ni.


Mustard yellow canvas hold-all with chocolate brown canvas and leather trim. This is a really simply constructed bag finished with the highest quality materials for a striking overall look. There’s a zip fastened external pocket on either side and lots of useful pockets inside. The bag’s lined with a bright orange canvas – eye popping.

And the price: £275.00
Bongga rin! Haha.

I really like this tote, the color, the style, it has the whole package and the price is also included in that package. I think I can have this one after graduating, when I have my own job. But for now, I'll just make it as "The Thing of the Day".

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