July 13, 2009

Albino for Blend Magazine

I know I know, there'll be no Blend Magazine here in the Philippines but there is one thing that is really interesting in this new issue of Blend. An albino is featured in the latest issue,it's Shaun Ross.

Actually I really don't know who Shaun Ross is until I bumped into style-anywhere.com and abdul-lagerfield's blog.

Sad thing because according to Welt Online News, at least 40 albinos have been killed in a spate of ritual albino murders in Tanzania since mid-2007 and the country’s president has urged the public to come forward and identify the killers in private. That one is really scary! Sometimes traditions are kind of unjust. tsk tsk.

This issue of Blend Magazine is not only for fashion but also for a cause. :]

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