June 16, 2009

Our Last "First Day"

Our first day was so tiring but I had fun. I didn't expect that our schedule is actually OK. They said that we have the worst schedule than section B because we have a long free hours but I love it. Our morning class was from 10am - 1pm but we had no professor so we stayed at Donn's dorm, as the ever usual. Hahaha. He treated us to Wendy's. Thanks Donn, love you! :]

Then our next class in the afternoon was from 5pm - 7pm and we met our last 2 professors for the day. We met Ma'am Quinilitan and Sir Abet Laurito. I like Sir Abet, I thought that he's a terror prof but I was so so wrong. Our class with him was so funny and enjoy. Hahaha. But he extended his time so we had our dismissal at 7:30pm. After that, I attended our meeting for the membership drive of our organization. I went home at 9pm and I was so tired and hungry.

This school year is my last and hopefully we all graduate on time. This day is our last "first day" of school. I'm with these people for almost 4 years now and I know I'm going to miss them after we finish this school year. :[

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