June 11, 2009

Boys Over Flowers

Actually, at first I really don't like this show because I thought that it's a stereotype of Teenage love story and it's a remake of Meteor Garden. I was so so wrong!

Yeah I know, I'm not in the loop with this one. Anyway, I've seen the first part of this show in a Singaporean local channel and I thought that it's not a great show but after seeing the next parts here in the Philippines, I fell in love with it. Hahaha. Especially with the boys. Hahaha. Actually it is really a remake of Meteor Garden but this one is more updated and the four boys fit the characters unlike the boys in Meteor Garden. They look older but the original F4 are better singers, I think. Hehehe.

I like this guy the most. He's so cute. :]

This is so real. They are really look alike! I like his role and I like to have them all. Ahahaha. Whatever!

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stephanie jacinto said...

kerek k dyan gurl!
like n like ko din yan! haha :D

joeward said...

bakla super!ampogi pogi nya!pero gusto ko yung character nung bida.hehehe.mejo kabother nga lang yung buhok.kulot kasi ung bangs eh.pero pogi rin sya.hehe