May 21, 2009

Hurrah for Kris Allen!

Hahaha. That was my reaction after Ryan announced that Kris Allen won. I wonder how's our "Glam Rocker" Adam Lambert right now? I know it was a really big SURPRISE,with a ribbon on it! Hahahah. Unlike ANTM Cycle 12 and Survivor Tocantins, our prediction is so so wrong. Madmoisselle Adam Lambert didn't nail the title! I was rooting for Kris Allen but I was expecting that Adam Lambert will win it!

Don't deny it people, you also did this reaction of Kris. Hahah.

The Finale Episode was so great! 2 hours of great performances of all the Idols and legendary artistes such as Cindy Lauper, Rod Stewart, Lionel Richie, Kiss and many more. Black Eyed Peas was also there and they made my sleeping cells brought into life. Hahaha. Super love Boom Boom Pow! I also loved the duet of Allsion Iraheta and Cindy Lauper singing Time after Time while the Kiss-Adam Lambert performance really bothered me so much. I don't know, I think because of Adam's shoulders and the boots. So G-A-Y!Hahaha. But the whole show was really stunning and wonderful and I really loved it!

Oh well, it's like the last season. Almost everyone,including me, thought that David Archuleta will win the title but it was David Cook who won. I think history really repeats itself.

By the way, the song "No Boundaries" suites Kris Allen's voice or tone, though he can't reach some high notes, that winning song really fits his voice. And I want to congratulate him. Kris Allen is really great but Adam is also great but I like Kris more than Adam. Kiss me Kriss!Errrr!Hahahah.

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