May 20, 2009

Hurrah for James "JT" Thomas Jr.

Yeah I know!This post is so late but I just want to congratulate JT for winning Survivor Tocantins!

I've been rooting for him since I started to watch this season of Survivor. Like ANTM, it was obvious who will win it. Hahaha. The finale episode was so exciting. I thought JT will bring Erinn with him in the finals. I think if JT did that, Erinn will have a high percentage of winning the title because it really shows that Erinn is really a survivor. Good thing JT brought Stephen who has no chance of winning the title. Ooopss. Hahah.

James "JT" Thomas Jr.

Oh by the way, believe it or not, I was also rooting for Coach. Yeah he was pathetic and crazy but he was a good player. :]

Benjamin "Coach" Wade

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