May 25, 2009

Hello Singapore!

Yesterday, we went to Singapore to roam around the country,since it's really small, and we did. For the nth time, we lost again! I really don't know what's happening to my dad lately. It's like everywhere we go, we're always getting lost but it's OK. We still reach our destination in time. Anyway, our destination was Jurong Bird Park. There were so many people especially Indians. There were so many of them, you may think it was a Little India. Hahaha. At first, I and my brother thought that it will be boring in that park because all we will see are birds. Well, it's a bird park anyway but it was only the first part. There are actually 3 parks! That Jurong Bird Park is really big. It's like a sanctuary of birds in the city. As we moved forward, we enjoyed the park because there were so many bird intercations going on. Hahaha. Small birds and big birds. Every kind of birds are there. The main attraction of that park is the Pools Amphitheater were in the birds perform. We watched their performances and we were so amazed. These birds are really well trained. It was a fun show. Some parrots flew around us and they were really fun to watch.

Jurong Bird Park & Chinese Garden

After a long but fun walk in the Jurong Bird Park, we went to Chinese Garden where we saw many kinds of Chinese things especially temples. It was a peaceful and beautiful garden. In all fairness, I enjoyed my visit in Singapore. This is my second time and I'm still amazed to see this small but fab country. :]

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