May 31, 2009

A for Ah ok!

So we had the pre-section last May 28 and yeah, I didn't come! I'm here in Malaysia and my dad's plan is for me to go home on June 7 and I'll go back home on that date. And because I didn't attend our pre-sect, I'm in section A. All of my friends are in section B, not all but almost. I know they did all their best for me to be in section B 'cos I know they love me.WOW!hahaha. Anyway, Donn and Rose Ann are in A so it's ok. But I'm going to miss my BEBEEFFFs and my thesismates. Waaaahhh.


Wilberchie said...

Love yah gurl im back! Whahahah!

joeward said...

so un.A ka din. :]
welcome back!