May 14, 2009


Teyona, Allison and Aminat, who among this 3 ladies will be America's Next Top Model. This is the FINALE!!! So, as the ever usual, the three girls made a CoverGirl commercial. The commercial for Teyona didn't go quite well. She lost her confidence because of her nerves and that's why she was in the bottom two with Aminat. Allison WOW-ed the judges with her photo. Good thing it was Aminat who was eliminated but she has a good photo actually.

So, Allison and Teyona were the 2 finalists and they walked for Rosa Cha. Both of them rocked the show. The judges saw the improvement of Allison's walked. That was the hardest choice for the judges. They were both strong, in runway and in photos. But in the end, the winner was. . .

Teyona Anderson

Actually, I was not surprised! I know many of you really knew who will be the winner. But Allison is also a strong model. I also liked her, actually, I love her! This cycle was the best for me I think, or maybe one of the bests. Anyway, Teyona is now America's Next Top Model. Hurray for her!

Congratulations to you Ms. Teyona!
See you next Cycle,guys! :]

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