April 18, 2009

ANTM or Make Me a Supermodel?

I hate it!Make me a Supermodel Season 2 is already airing since March 9 and I didn't know that. That's why I don't have any updates about it.

Make Me a Supermodel or America's Next Top Model?

Both shows are fierce, I think. Well ANTM is the original but I'm not saying that MMS is a trying hard. MMS has its own concept. But I think MMS got some of its inspiration from ANTM for their photo shoots. What you think?I think so.

Candy inspired photo shoot


Anyway, if you're going to ask me to choose between ANTM and Make Me a Supermodel, I'll go with ANTM. But MMS (Make Me a Supermodel) is also a great show.

So what's your choice? ANTM or MMS?

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