April 17, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12 (UPDATE)

First and foremost, I'm so sad because London was eliminated! Grrrrr! I hate it!

Anyway, in this episode, the challenge was to be the creative directors of their own photo shoot and I don't know why Teyona won that challenge, it should be London. Hahaha. And the winner will be on the Seventeen Mag June issue and Teyona chose Celia and Aminat to be with her. So you will see them in the Seventeen Mag June issue.

For their real photo shoot, Ciara was with them. I'm not so excited with this shoot because I think there's no theme at all, I mean, they were wrapped in cords and I don't know, I just don't like it. Haha.

Before the judging, a guy in thong, hahaha, went to the panel and gave Tyra some Brazilian peanuts, which means that they're destination will be in Brazil. But there were 7 girls and only 6 of them will go. Sad thing London was eliminated, she has no chance of going to Brazil.

So, with their photo shoot, the best photo went to Teyona. Week by week, Teyona is giving some FIERCENESS in her photos. I like her photo this week, actually every week, she's giving a good photo.

I also like the photos of Allison and Natalie.

Allison and Natalie

Aminat and London were in the bottom two and it should be Aminat not London to be eliminated!Waaahhh!Grrrr!

Aminat and London

Actually I like their photos, they're not bad.

I think London was eliminated because of gaining some weight and because of that, her self-esteem went down. And so, my new bet is Teyona. I love her photos actually and they're FIERCE and MAJOR!!!!Allison is my 2nd runner up and then Natalie and then Celia. Hahaha.

So the girls will go to Brazil, the land of some of the highest paid models in the whole world. I'm so excited for them. Hahaha. Hope Aminat will be eliminated this time. BAM! :]


laizatot said...

haha, ntnggal na bet mo gurl, wee, anjan p dn c allison!!wee...pero mukang sa go-sees xa mttnggal...according to leakage..tas c teyona gmgaling tlg...kainis..hehe

joeward said...

obviously!sa go-sees talga sya matatanggal.hahaha.

galing talga si Teyona,muka nga lang din tanga pero ang ganda nya sa photo,fierce!hehe