March 2, 2009


We're not just SHIFTERS, we're also a FAMILY. :]

For a week of campaigning and all, I'm with these people. At first, I really don't know them and I was not comfortable with them. But as we met almost everyday, we got to know each other and I found them very nice. I thought that they're quite but I was so so wrong!

These children are so outgoing and nice to be with. We also ate our lunch together and we always have our joke times,almost all the time. Hahaha. I super enjoyed every campaigns we did because of them. We supported each other when we we're campaigning.

They became not only my co-shifters but also my friends and we are a family. I will never forget this election because this is my last and because of them, they made it the most special and the happiest.

I love each and everyone of them. :]


Wilberchie said...

Bakla naiyak ako!

joeward said...

actaully ako gusto ko umiyak eh.pero ayaw talag ng mata ko.asar nga eh.
thanks bakla ah.hehe