March 5, 2009

Love 'em or Fuck 'em

Anyone of you needs some MAIDS?I know where to get. Hahahah. Look at those photos. Hahaha. Look at my make-up. Hahaha. I just laughed after I saw these photos. These photos were taken 2-3 years ago and I know, they're disgusting! Hahaha.

This was taken 2-3 years ago and I really miss them so much. Lately, we're not going out complete,unlike before, it's like every weekends we're everywhere. Hahaha.

Oh I just miss my bitches so much!They are the bitches I super uber love! Love you guys, and I super miss you! This photo was taken, I guess last December 2008.


laizatot said...

haha!!!ang landi mo tlg eversince!!
dun s unang pic kmuka mu c inday badiday, este ung apo nya....izzy b un?? haha!!! yes pang-showbiz oh!!!

Wilberchie said...

Nako bitches nga! whahahahha!

joeward said...

laiza : sorry gurl.taena ano ba un?compliment ba or ano ba?haha

wilma: correct correct!as pesons and individuals.haha