March 28, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12 (UPDATE)

Week by week, the competition is becoming more and more exciting. This week, Toccara from Cycle 3 visited the girls and they talked about PERSON-ALITY. After that, the girls went to a studio with Ben Ninja and they practice how to pose and then they headed to the Mansion for their challenge. The challenge was to pose with the music and model the dresses made by the Blondes,by the way, the dresses are so tranny! And Celia won the challenge.

OMG! The photo shoot is like the one of my favorite photo shoots. It was all about the historical images of immigrants from 1900s.

Tahlia won the best photo of the week.

Allison's and Teyona's photos are my favorite.

Allison's photo is so editorial and the extras are also fierce! Teyona's photo is really realistic and the extras are also bamming the photo.

Kortnie was eliminated.

My dearest London's photo was a mess. I really don't like it.

London and the extras didn't connect in this photo.

Celia's photo is also dull. Actually I didn't recognize her in this photo. I thought that the child in the center is the contestant. Hahaha. Look at that little girl, she's really feeling it! Hahaha.

Afterwards, Celia made a drama, she told Tyra that Tahlia wanted to quit the competition, and found it unfair to eliminate other girls with more passion, but was rebutted by Tyra on her face. Hahaha. Tyra said that Tahlia should be the one to express her own feelings, not her. The judges' decision, therefore, cannot be altered anymore. I didn't like what Celia did but I guess, she's just being fair to all the girls. Anyway, Kortnie was still sent home.

I really love these kinds of theme. Old and creepy photos but really fascinating. Actually we also did this kind of photo shoot.

Farrah and I in 1920s outfit. Hahaha Love it!

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