March 20, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12 (UPDATE)

In this episode, the girls practiced their runway walk with Ms. J. Bianca and Chantal of Cycle 12 were also there to give the girls some advices. After practicing their walks, they were challenged to walk for Jill Stuart. Natalie won the challenge.

The photo shoot was about the different characters that you can see in Manhattan. They worked as by group. The best photo was given to Sandra.

Sandra & Celia

Sandra and Celia portrayed the nannies and I must say,Sandra really nailed this one. And they are the most fab nannies in town.

I also love the photo of Natalie,Teyona and Tahlia.They were the tourists.

I really like Tahlia's facial expression in this photo. She looks like in a Candy Mag or Seventeen Mag.

The worst photos were the group of Nija and Allison.

Nija and Kortnie portrayed the artists in Soho.

My dearest London and Allison as Socialites on 5th Ave.

I have to agree with the judges that Nija and Allison were in the bottom two and I totally agree that Nija was eliminated. I really don't like the photo of Nija here. Allison is also a disappointment. She's boring in this photo but Nija's photo is really boring and I can't see the artist which she's portraying.

I really love this episode. The photos were really like editorial and VOGUE-ish and ELLE-ish. Heheh.

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