March 13, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12 (UPDATE)

The girls had their makeovers and as the ever usual, there are girls who really love drama. Fo didn't like her makeover and Natalie stayed to her hair.

Natalie & Fo

My favorite makeover is London's.

The photo shoot is about directing their own lighting using glowing sticks. The shoot was interesting because it really determined who among the girls really know their angles with the lights.

Teyona's photo was the best photo.

I agree with the judges,Teyona really rocked the photo and I love her dress here.London and Allison also delivered great shots.



Jessica was the one who eliminated. For the nth time, Tyra did a wrong decision. It should be Aminat and not Jessica. I really don't know why Aminat stayed over Jessica.



Anyway, I love their photos in this shoot and I really like London to win. :]



stephie said...

nkkloka lamo mo ba gurl street preacher pla yang c london!

infairness gs2 ko din sha.. :)

joeward said...

correct! fierce yan si london eh.hehe

Anonymous said...

tama bongga si london !! love her too..