January 31, 2009

Cariño Brutal

Love is like a rosary, it is full of myster.

Rabbie Lagrada & Joeward Manaig

First and for most, the spelling of my name is so wrong! Hahaha

Cariño Brutal is a mini series that we created. This is a result of boredom. Hahaha. We're all bored that time and so we decided to make a video of something and we thought of love story and comedy at the same time.

The story of Cariño Brutal is about a gay (of course that's me) and he's lover (Rabbie Lagrada). They're always fighting and spanking each other. Hahaha. This is a comedy-action-love story-mini-series. All wrapped in one with a ribbon on it!Hahaha. When we were doing the first episode, I thought that it will be boring because our camera is just a digicam and we're all amateur. But after Patty,our cameraman, director and editor,edited the video, I was so happy with the result. It's so funny and Patty edited it very well. With the background song.Wahahaha.

Our classmates and friends who have seen the series said that it's so hilarious and they even downloaded it to their computer.Wahahaha. We have four episodes already and we're doing the fifth episode. Stay tune to Cariño Brutal and enjoy watching!

To watch Cariño Brutal,CLICK THE EPISODES:


Wilberchie said...

OMFG!!! I SO LOVE THIS!!! Inominate si Baklerj sa Goddess awards!!! Kalerkey!!!!

joeward said...

hahaha.thanks bakla!
pde bang sa Golden Globes na lang?haha